TOMORROW: Tennis Plaza 2nd Annual African American Tennis Tournament

The Tennis Plaza African American Tennis Tournament

Orlando, Florida- The City of Orlando Tennis Center will once again host the 2nd Annual African American Tennis Tournament. All players of any race, age, or gender are welcomed to participate in this event which will showcase some of the top talents of not just Florida, but the entire USA. Prize money will be awarded to the top finishers as well as trophies and prizes. There will also be a special kids event for beginner players. The overall event is designed to bring attention to up and coming players and encourage, as well as inspire, people of ages in the inner cities to play tennis. "We are thrilled to be hosting the African American Tennis Tournament in District 5 at the Orlando Tennis Center. There are so many worthy athletes deserving of the spotlight, and we hope this event will give them some much deserved attention. We also hope to inspire a new generation of tennis players in our community", said Commissioner Regina Hill at last year's inaugural event.

"Tennis Plaza is truly pleased to be a part of this event. It is important to have tennis exposed to new players and inner city youth that never held a racquet before. We look forward to working with Orlando Synergy and supporting the Central Florida tennis communities in the future" - Sebastian Toro, General Manager Tennis Plaza Orlando.

Who: For Anyone What: Tennis tournaments. Men's Singles. Women's Singles. Doubles. Where: The Orlando Tennis Center 363 North Parramore Avenue Orlando 407.246.4469 Date & Time: October 24-25th, 2015 Entry: $35 per division. All singles entries get free entry to Doubles on Sunday. Pay in cash at OTC or $38 on Paypal to Prizes: $500 for Champion based on 32 entrants. Additional prizes for top finishers Contact: Sara Cranston Orlando Synergy 1-407-267-3364 or Tom Sweitzer 407.246.4469

"The OTC loves supporting special events like this because it creates more tennis awareness. The African American Tennis Tournament is exactly that type of event where it showcases top talents people may not have known about and at the same time inspires young kids in the community to want to pick up a racket and do a productive activity", said Tom Sweitzer, Director of the Orlando Tennis Center. "We didn't know what to expect but we ended up with a great event and terrific support from everyone from Commissioner Hill, the OTC, Florida Tennis Magazine, Orlando Sentinel and many others. It's fantastic to let kids of all ages experience playing tennis as well as seeing it played on such a high level. Promoting tennis in the minority communities is a fantastic thing", said Charlie Williams, Executive Producer of Dragon Promotions.