Brazil's Barros Nips USF's Standout Vadym to Grab One-On-One Doubles Crown at Disney

Barros used his calm, cool precision game to outmaneuver the talented field

Kissimmee, Florida- Disney World is the home to some of the World's greatest family and sports entertainment. The ESPN Wide World of Sports Tennis Complex, inside Disney, hosted the $1000 Central Florida One-On-One Doubles Shootout-coupled with a live rockin' blues concert with top players competing for the $500 first prize. The players and spectators were also treated to live musical entertainment provided by Tampa's Big D and The Dirty Deal.

16 players competed on four courts with two matches played per court simultaneously. Each player competed against the other three players on their court. all matches are played first to win 4 games, tiebreaker at 3-3.

One-On-One Doubles is sanctioned by the USTA and also recognized as the Official Third Game of Tennis along with singles and doubles.

"I love breaking the mold and hosting these innovative events. The One-On-One Doubles concept is fantastic and combined with the live music, it mixes healthy competition with an element of fun that's unusual for a typical tennis tournament", said Carlos Goffi, President of Tennis Resorts at Disney World who hosted the competition. Goffi is also the esteemed tennis author of "Tournament Tough" and former coach of Wimbledon and US Open Grand Slam Champion John McEnroe.

Ed Krass (center left) puts his money where his mouth is as he "gets down" with Big D & The Dirty Deal and sang the "One -on-One- Doubles Song" to the gleeful surprise of the tennis players and fans.

All 16 players were strong 5.0 level and up, including several 6.0 and open level professionals.

Some stand-outs included USF's Vadym Kalyuzhnyy from Ukraine, Paulo Barros of Brazil, Florida Tennis Tour #2 18 year old sensation Santiago "Smooth" Garcia, Jaime Oncins Academy at Montverde's Coach Gui Jasmin and even women's pro Rory Wilson joined in with the men.

For those unfamiliar, One on One Doubles is the brainchild of legendary collegiate coach guru Ed Krass, former Harvard Tennis Coach and Founder of College Exposure Tennis Camps. Picture 4 players on one court, but with only 2 playing at a time with the other 2 players waiting in the back or the sidelines for their turn up next. The 2 players currently playing play diagonally cross court. The server must come in past the baseline towards the net after the serve, otherwise it is a loss of point. Once the point is finished, the next 2 players play, and continue to alternate until both matches are done.

"Not only is it very fast paced and enjoyable to watch, but it creates so many interesting dynamics for the fans. Instead of getting overloaded with watching 4 players at once, you get to really see the skills of all 4 players as this format spotlights each one greatly. Yet you still get the tennis skills and flair only seen in doubles", said Charlie Williams, CEO of the Florida Tennis Tour and Dragon Promotions who was invited to watch the event. He added," And fans get to also watch the reaction of the two other players watching and waiting from the sidelines as they await their turn next. That's pretty cool."

The One-On-One-Doubles entertainment and learning experience is significantly unique to even the most experienced tennis fans

The round robin format, played with no ads and a straight 7 point tie break with no win by 2's, made for some really exciting points and pressure. In the end, Barros, Vadym, Jasmin, and Moros from Georgia Tech all won their groups and made it to the semi-finals. The semi-finals simultaneously were played on one court. In turn, the finals and 3rd place match was also repeated on the same court with the same 4 players switching up opponents. Another fascinating twist.

"It's definitely pressure packed but you get to play some good tennis with a variety of players. This was a lot of fun and I'm really glad I came out here and can't wait to the next one", said Santiago Garcia in his One-on-One Doubles premiere where he missed making the semi-finals cut by just a hair in a 7-5 tie-break. His father and coach Jerry Garcia added, "This can be used as a wonderful training tool for top players and developing players. It focuses on skills you need as a high level player. We are definitely going to be playing more of this."

"For my first experience, it was very fun. I coach full-time so I didn't expect to make it so far", said Coach Gui Jasmin of Monteverde. His favorite part of the One-On-One Doubles? "The music!" he answered.

Gui Jasmin threw off his coaching hat to play as a last minute invitee and cashed in a respectable 4th

While several of the matches went to tie-breaks, it was Paulo Barros, who captured the USTA Men's 35s National Claycourt Singles Title last year, who won his group in a nail-biting tie-break over Garcia, defeated Moros in another tie-break, and then defeated USF's Vadym Kalyuzhnyy 4-3(7-5) in the final in another thrilling tie-break.

"I really enjoy the One-On-One Doubles format. This is my fourth one and my first time winning one. It's alot of play and you get to play a lot of tennis in a one day event", said Barros. Previously Barros has a quarter-finals, semi-finals finish prior to this win.

Carlos Goffi stated at the end of the event, "I thoroughly enjoyed hosting the One-On-One Doubles at our Tennis Complex. The players, the band, the spectators...we all had a blast! Finally, some Serve & Volley Tennis! Hallelujah! I look forward to hosting the next one!"

Jasmin, Moros, Goffi, Krass, Barros, & Kalyuzhnyy

Tournament Round Robin Games Won before Semifinals:

Court 1:

Chris Henderson -10

Kris Kumar -8

Sebastian Flores -10

Guilherme Jasmin -11

Court 2:

Stephen Moros -12

Ninan Kumar - 11

Carlos Pinel -7

Steve Hollander -4

Court 3:

Vadym Kalyuzhnyy -12

Andrew Muller -8

Gabriel Andrew -6

William Cameron -1

Court 4:

Paulo Barros -12

Santiago Garcia -11

Gerardo Rodriguez -1

Rory Wilson -1

Semifinals :

Barros def. Moros 4-2

Kalyuzhnyy def. Jasmin 4-2


Barros def. Kalyuzhnyy 4-3(7-5)

1st Paulo Barros (BRA) $500

2nd Vadym Kalyuzhnyy (UKR) $250

3rd Stephen Moros (USA) $150

4th Gui Jasmin (BRA) $100

The $1000 Pinellas County One-On-One Doubles Shootout will be held on Saturday, May 21st at Tarpon Tennis Club in Tarpon Springs, Fl. with three playing divisions offered: Men's Open, Men's 4.5 and Women's 4.5.

USTA Tournament ID #.150004717.

For video and more information about One-On-One Doubles, visit or call Ed Krass, Events organizer at 813-684-9031.