FTT Final 4: UCF Men Dominate Day 1

Lake Nona, Florida- Players from all around the country and world joined the FTT Tour Championship at the USTA National Campus today. Some of the top stars included William Bushamuka the #1 player from the University of Kentucky Wildcats, Lamar Remy #1 from University of Wisconsin Badgers, and Tommy Mylnikov of Texas Tech.

But it was home team UCF University of Central Florida that dominated the courts. UCF Tennis is now headed by Coach John Roddick, and the evolution of the program is widely apparent. Of the 3 UCF players that entered, all three have advanced to the Final Four semi-finals. Only FTT #1 ranked Stephen Watson remains as the sole non-UCF player.

The champion today will take home $1000 1st place and the remaining top 3 finishers will also receive prize money.

Semi-Finals: 10:00am

Korey Lovett (UCF. North Carolina) vs Stephen Watson Jr. (ORL)

Gabriel Decamps (UCF. Brazil) vs Vasyl Kiselyov (UCF. Ukraine)

Doubles matches will start at 11am.