Mythical Beast vs MMA Fighter

January 28, 2020


Avalon Park, Florida- Sunday round-robin at Avalon Park  proved to be another epic day of fun and competition amongst
hardened tennis gladiators.


The cool Sunday started with a match between Bucky FireStorm Parel vs Noel & Rambo
Rodriguez. An emotional battle- the FireStorm fizzled out at 3-6 with a slew of careless errors
and multiple double faults. As always, the happy-go-lucky Noel Rambo Rodriguez played with
wonderful enthusiasm and energy.


The next round saw Bucky playing with his usual rage and blistering forehands. But again, errors
played out and he got bageled against the unrelenting toughness of the Korean Dragon. For the
last match, Bucky played with more calm and changed up the pace playing against the super
consistent Casey The Railroad Harris. Down 1-5 Casey showed his grit and grind and battled
back to make it a formidable match. In the end, Bucky showed his potential as he blended
patience and power for a sweet victory at 6-4.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the draw, Charlie and Casey match was a match of two bulls
battling for dominance. The Dragon getting a 5-1 lead but let his guard down. The Railroad used
the opportunity to battle back to turn it into a grind match...who wanted it more? With a fighting
spirit, Casey finally succumbed to the Dragon at 5-7.
With one hard-fought win under his belt and sweat dripping from his pink armband, the Dragon
bested Firestorm 6-0; where he proved once again experience, patience and placement will
always overcome brute force.

Everyone knew Rambo vs Railroad was going to be a battle of consistency and who can hit one
more shot. Once again Casey The Railroad showed that even after his close lost he was able to
refresh mentally and play some consistent tennis beating Noel Rambo Rodriguez 6-4. It was a
show of his consistent style of play and hustle.

The last match of the day showcased the fierce tenacity of the Dragon versus the hardness and
skills of a former MMA fighter - Noel Rambo Rodriguez. This match Charlie showed more
consistency with a tennis racquet in hand and bested Rambo Rodriguez with big first serves and
finishing at the net. The Dragon showed that a mythical beast can down a real-life warrior with
the power of a Technifiber. The Dragon won out 6-3 but Rambo spirit will never be broken!
Join in on the action and stay tuned for the next just might earn a nickname!

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