Kurt Collis Defends The Title

Avalon Park, Florida- Saturday's finale between the reigning champion Kurt "The Hurt" Collis and the #2 ranked Kenton "Grinder" WU was set to be one of the greatest matches of the season. With dozens of people from Deland and Deltona coming to watch the match the two giants clashed.

Kurt starts off hot getting an early brake and up 5-4 40-0 but the Grinder digs deep and gets a second and wins the set 7-5. Definitely the comeback set of the year. Both players start to show signs of fatigue under the burning sun but with strategic plays and precision Kurt Collis takes the second set 6-2 to level the match.

Both had to push themselves past their limits and go the distance. After dozens of deuces Kurt showed some metal and takes the 3rd set 6-0 and winning the match 5-7 6-2 6-0.

After the finals the Street Tennis Players enjoyed a spectacular banquet hosted by Papa Lozzi Italia. The players enjoyed a full course meal made fresh by Papa Lozzi himself.

PRIZES : Summer Season Awards

1st $100 +Trophy Spring Champion & +Free Hippie Stringing & new overgrip

2nd $50 +Medal 

3rd Semi-Finalists $40 +medal

4th Semi-Finalists $30 +Medal  


5th $20 + Papa Lozzi Pizza

6th Papa Lozzi Family Meal

7th Free Hippie Stringing

8th Free Papa Lozzi Pizza & Wingz Wingzz Wingzzz Meal

Playoff 1st Round Finishers

9th Free half off any one-on-one lesson or free clinic entry with Coach Jerry The Tennis Doctor

10th Free 30 min one-on-one lesson or half off 1–2 hours with Coach Kurt Collis

11th-14th Free $25 APA Orlando Pool League membership ( Play pool and win cash and free trip to Vegas for the World Amateur Championships!)

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The Street Tennis Ladder is sanctioned by the World Sports Alumni.Sponsored by Papa Lozzi Italia, WingzWingzzWingzz, APA Central Florida,Jerry Fekete The Tennis Doctor,Orlando Synergy Marketing,Hippie Strings, Kurt Collis Tennis Academy,